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Celebrating 40 years of God’s faithfulness

Brisbane Cantonese Christian Church started as a family Bible study group. Over the last 40 years, under God we have joyfully witnessed the growth of the Cantonese and English-speaking fellowships. Today, around 100 people gather each week—young and old, Cantonese and English speaking, Australian and overseas born—to worship God in Word, prayer and song.

As the church continues to grow, we face the challenging, but wonderful changes of a growing family. At the 30th anniversary, through the generosity of God’s people, we were able to rebuild the chapel to serve the growing needs of the English congregation (Praise Chapel). We now find ourselves needing to address the needs of our less able-bodied members.

These members continue to faithfully face the challenges of climbing (and descending) the stairs to worship in the Main Hall despite their physical ailments and limitations. Presently, the Main Hall is also inaccessible to those wheelchair-bound congregants.

To serve the needs and ensure the accessibility and inclusion of people of all abilities, the Board of Deacons is committing to install an elevator for the Main Hall.

This project is estimated to cost $80,000. The board has committed $40,000 to this project and they invite members, family and friends of the BCCC family to prayerfully consider giving to this project so that people of all abilities can worship God and fellowship together.

If you’re able, please join us as we celebrate God’s faithfulness over 40 years on Sunday, 26 May 2024.

Brisbane Cantonese Christian Church (Australia), 2024

Response Form

I am prayerfully willing to contribute to support the Building Accessibility Project for the 40th anniversary of Brisbane Cantonese Christian Church.

Offering methods:

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